How to Make Seasoned Boiled Egg

Hi! I’m Komugi!

I like to make Ramen at home!

A seasoned boiled egg is one of iconic toppings for Ramen!
It’s easy to make it, so I’ll introduce the recipe to you.




・Chashu Sauce

(Boiled Mixture of Soy sauce: 2, Sake: 1, Mirin: 1,Granulated Sugar: Proper Quantity to cook off alcohol.)


Put eggs on a ladle into boiled water gently.

※Be careful not to throw eggs into the water to prevent cracks on them.


Boil them for about 7 ~ 8 minutes.

After that, please throw away the hot water and pour cold water instead.

It helps peel boiled eggs easily.

Marinate them in the Chashu sauce for a day.


I recommend that you use a plastic bag, so that you’ll be able to make the most of rather little Chashu sauce.


It’s completed! Only the center of each egg is a little runny as you see in the next picture.

Yes! They are what we love to have. Using such a homemade boiled egg as a topping would make your Ramen very special!

You can keep them in the refrigerator for a couple of days.


See ya!

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