How to Make Classic Roast Pork (=Chashu)

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There are several ways to cook roast pork for Ramen. Among them, I will tell you how to make Japanese classic roast pork. You may think “what does classic mean ?!”. For Ramen, we have different kinds of roast pork from pink roast pork cooked at low temparatures to very crumbly roast pork. What I’ll introduce you here is relatively tough roast pork of soysauce flavor, which is a classical style one for Japanese Ramen. Let’s start cooking!




  • Shoulder Roast Block 500g
  • Salt Just a Little


Seasoning Sauce

  • Dark-colored Soysauce 100cc
  • Sweet Sake (“Mirin”) 100cc
  • Sugar 1 Tablespoon

Pour and Mix all the ingredients.



1. Form Shoulder Roast Pork with Kite String

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Please do it as pictured above. However this step to form meat is not essential, so you can skip it if you want. Season the pork with some salt.

2. Brown Pork

Brown the pork on a preheated frying pan to keep its taste even after boiling it and draw its good flavor. On top of that, brownish pork looks tasty. Cook every surface. It takes about 15 minutes in total.



3. Boil Pork for 1 Hour with Boiling Water


Boil water, which is sufficient to cover the pork, and put the pork into the boiling water. Please be careful not to put the pork into cold water and start to cook. It is a key to preventing pork’s tasete and flavor from dissolving in the water.


Boil it for 1 hour. The meat becomes tender moderately.

4. Pickle Pork in Seasoning Sauce

Here, the seasoning sauce, it’s your turn.


Put both of the pork and the seasoning sauce into a re-sealable zipper bag, and evacuate it as much as possible while soaking it in water. Water helps evacuation, and it also cools the pork down.


Make it vacuum as much as possible and seal it, so that a relatively small quantity of seasoning sauce is enough to pickle the pork. Put it in the refrigerator to cool it further.


5. Pickle Pork for 40 Minutes and Take it out from Bag

40 minutes might be enough because the sauce is rather strong. Please take out the pork from the bag. f:id:road-men:20211028230705j:plain

6. Completed

Remove the string, and slice the pork. It’s done! Good job.



Classic roast pork got cooked successfully! Please slice and serve some pieces for your Ramen. I sometimes put them on instant noodles to make them a little different. See you again!

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