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Hello! I am Komugi, running this blog.

Let me introduce my blog to you!

Recipes for Those Who Want to Make Authentic Ramen at Home

Welcome to my blog. Judging from your visit here, I guess you want to make Ramen yourself, don’ t you? I am writing about recipes of authentic Ramen, an iconic food of Japan from Kyoto, Japan. I believe that you are enjoying my blog, and I am so happy for your reading my articles. I will continue to update my blog and share information on Ramen with you, so please keep to take a look at it.


They Are Not Easy Time-saving Recipes, but Enable You to Make Veritable Ramen.

When it comes to making Ramen, what do you imagine? For example, someone thinks pouring boiled water into the cup noodles means making Ramen. And for others, cooking a packaged noodles on the stove and adding vegetables or other toppings comes to mind. However, I do not write about such easy time-saving recipes on my blog. What I am focusing on is to introduce recipes to make authentic Ramen at home. Making soup for veritable Ramen takes about 5 to 8 hours. And making noodles takes about 1 hour. It means that you are going to complete a bowl of Ramen taking great time and effort, so my blog might be less enjoyable for those who feel “That’s kind of time-consuming.” or “What I want to know is easier recipes.” On the other hand, I think it will be very interesting for those who are willing to spend time and efforts to make authentic good Ramen.

My Self-introduction

I am Japanse. I am not a professional Ramen chef. Not only that, my job has nothing to do with Ramen. I live in Kyoto, one of the most traditional cities in Japan, where there a lot of old temples such as Kinkaku Temple and Kiyomizu Temple. And Kyoto is famous for “washoku”,traditional Japanese cuisine, but actually it is also well-known for Ramen. It’s a Ramen hotspot, so there are so many great Ramen restaurants here. I’ve loved Ramen since I was a student. I loved Ramen so much that I started to make Ramen myself about 10 years ago, let alone going to Ramen restaurants. Back then, I couldn’t get infomation on good recipes on the Internet, so I continued to learn how to make Ramen by trial and error. By doing that, I have come to be able to make authentic Ramen, which you have in a good Ramen restaurant. I make noodles, soup, and roast pork myself. I can make various kinds of Ramen including “Tonkotsu” (pork bone) Ramen, “Shoyu” (soy source) Ramen” and “Shio” (salt) Ramen. Again, I am not a professional chef, but I can share recipes of authentic Ramen, which you can make at home with you.


When I make Ramen, I treat my family members, friends and colleagues to it, and it makes them so happy. They say “Fantastic!” “So amazing that we can have this at home!” “I also want to try a different flavor next time.” I hope writing this blog and giving information on Ramen will lead to your wonderful time. I want to share information with everyone such as those who reminisce about Ramen in Japan, those who love Ramen in their countries and those who want to recreate Ramen of famous restaurants themselves.

Shall We Make Ramen?

Thank you so much.