How to Make Basic Miso Based Sauce (=Miso Tare)

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Don’t you think that rich Miso Ramen served with plenty of lard and garlic is fantastic ?! Have you ever tried Miso Ramen in Sapporo ? This time, I’ll tell you how to make basic Miso based sauce, which can be used to make authentic Miso Ramen, Japanese style hot pot and other japanese cuisine.


Ingredients (Ramen:12 portions)

Although the steps are so simple, you need to prepare many kinds of ingredients to realize its complex flavor.

・Barley Miso 200g
・Red Miso 100g
・White Miso 100g
・Sesami oil 30cc

・Onion 1/4
・Garlic 20g
・Ginger 20g

・Dark soy sauce 40cc
・Sake 20cc
・Mirin 20cc
・Oyster sauce 5cc
・Salt 5g
・Grind sesame 10g
・Stock granules of scallop 10g 
・Hi-me (Ajinomoto) 5g (for only those who want to use it)

※1 Miso

Blended Miso is more complex and richer, so let’s lend 3 to 4 kinds of Miso. The combination you chose directily affects the color and taste of the soup you’ll make. You can arrange it as you like.

This time, I used barley Miso as the main one, and adding red Miso and white Miso has made its taste broader.


1. Measure each Miso and Sesami Oil, and Mix them Well

Please measure each Miso properly.

Add measured sesami oil to the bowl.

Mix them well.

It’s become more brownish than I expected.

2. Grate Potherbs

Grate potherbs as shown in the following picture.

3. Put Sake and Mirin in Pan to Cook off Alcohol.

First of all, put only sake and mirin in a pan and heat it over low heat to cook off alcohol. Please be careful not to evaporate the liquid too much.

4. Add Potherbs in Pan and Bring to Boil.

Add grated potherbs in the pan and bring to a boil all together. Then turn off the heat.

5. Add other Condiments to the Mixture and Mix them well.

Pour the mixture from the pan to a bowl and add the rest of the condiments. Mix them well.

6. Add Mixture (Potherbs+Comdiments) to Blended Miso

Finally, add the mixture of the potherbs and comdiments to the blended Miso.

It’s completed after mixing well!

I made it!

It’s Completed

You can make about 480g Miso sauce (=Miso Tare) using this recipe. (It means that you can make 12 portions of Miso Ramen.) Your homemade Miso sauce would be able to kept in the refrigerator for about 3 months.
I acutally tasted it adding hot water. It was great. It’s exactly classic Miso sauce.
This sauce is not very strong without much oil, garlic and spice. So, when you want to make your soup punchy, you can adjust it later while cooking.

I also wrote about how to make authentic Miso Ramen using this Miso sauce. I would be great if you would take a look at it as well.

Thank you!

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