【Recipe!】Thick pork bone soup! How to make Hakata Ramen

Hello! This is Komugi.

I like making Ramen myself at home in Japan. I’m Japanese!

Have you ever tried Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen ? It is great, isn’t it ? Hard and thin noodles in thick pork bone soup with some toppings such as red pickled ginger and takana. It is so exciting!

While it would be wounderful to visit the top Tonkotsu Ramen restrants like IPPUDO and Ichiran in Japan, it might also be interesting for you to make authentic Tonkotsu Ramen at home. It takes time, but not so complicated.

Let me introduce the recipe to you.


Prepare soup

”Ultra” genuine Tonkotsu Soup = for Those who Want to Strive for Quality


You need to prepare the soup in advance, because it takes hours to make Hakata Tonkotsu soup. If you really have the strong will to make authentic high quality Tonkotsu soup, please follow the steps bellow. The process is not so complicated. The key is to gether unusual ingredients such as pork brain.

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Simple but Authentic Soup = For those who want to try Fast & Easy Recipe

You are able to make genuine Tonkotsu soup more easily from pork backbone and shin/thigh bones cooked in a pressure cooker. It doesn’t take as much time as “ultra” genuine Tonkotsu soup, and I think it is delicious enough although it doesn’t have the unique Hakata Tonkotsu soup flavor.

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Prepare noodles

You also need to prepare noodles in advance.

Homemade Noodles

You can make noodles for Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen yourself. Please reffer to the following pase on how to make noodles.

I suggest that you use “Prime Hard” made in Australia or “Ocean” of Nisshin Seifun, which is used for “Jiro style” Ramen as well as bread.


    Ocean: Hydration 31%,   cutter 1mm,  thickness8, Kansui 1%, No salt

The key is to rest the dough a little longer than usual after mixing watter, because low-hydration dough is relatively difficult to handle.

It is not vey easy to put the dough together.
Homemade noodles have wonderful wheat aroma!

Noodles on the market

I think BO-RAMEN of Marutai (a kind of instant noodles) is suitable for Hakata Tonkotsu Soup.

Prepare Roast Pork

I recommend using homemade roast pork (=Chashu). I personally like to have shoulder roast as a topping for Hakata Ramen, which is rich.


Final Preparation (1 portion)

Let’s go into the homestretch.

・Rich cloudy white pork bone soup 300cc
・Noodles 150g


・Light-colored soy sauce 25cc  
・Mirin/Sweet sake 10cc  
・HI-ME of AJINOMOTO/MSG half of teaspoon

【Flavor oil】

・Lard 30cc
・Grated garlic as needed


・Roasted Pork Shoulder
・Wood ear mushroom
・Soft-boiled egg
・Japanese leek
・Red pikled ginger, Takana etc.

Finish up

1. Put【Sauce】and【Flavor oil】into Bowl


2.  Heat up Soup


Bring it to a boil, please.

3. Bring Water to a Boil and Put Noodles into it


About 45 seconds is enough for thin noodles. Noodles are cooked shorter in Hakata style to enjoy hard thin noodles. And you can use a strainer to eaily strain noodles as shown on the picture.

4. Pour Soup into Bowl, and put Noodles in it


5. Complete! Put toppings on it


I made it!


Let’s eat!


It’s fantastic.

My homemade noodles have great aroma of wheat and distinctive crunchiness and unique bite! I really recommend ”Ocean” flour for homemade noodles. And the soup is also terrific. I made my soup following ”ultra” genuine Tonkotsu soup recipe, so it has peculiar flavor. It is not very heavy, but rich and thick with gelatin from pork.


You can make authentic Hakata Ramen at home! It might be fun to make Ramen for your family or friends.

You can also enjoy Tonkotsu soup with verious arrangement.

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